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Boiled sbuta
Boiled bamboo shoots
Boiled lotus roots whole
Boiled maize
CN eight-treasures pickles
Boiled cauliflower
Boiled burdock sasagiri
Boiled shimeji
Boiled fernbrake
Lotus roots sliceswith colour
Boiled burdock sengiri
Boiled lotus roots slice
Mixed vegetable
Eight-treasures pickles
Boiled carrot random cut
Boiled heart of cabbage
Boiled burdock random cut
Boiled lotus roots random cut
Boiled carrot sengiri
Boiled corncob
Boiled radish(Flower slice)
Boiled tonjiru
Boiled green soya bean
Boiled kinpira
Boiled gingko
Boiled radish (Slice)
Boiled rape flower
Boiled fernbrake
Boiled carrage
Mixed vegetable
Rice fried with mushroom
Rice fried with vegetable
Boiled maize
Boiled bamboo shoots